Complete What You Start

Can you guess why most people fail in internet marketing?

At a first glance, it may be the lack of resources, the lack of knowledge or both. However, at a real, down to earth level it’s all about procrastination, about starting something but never actually finishing it.

You see, life is generally easy. As long as you start what you must and finish it into a reasonable amount of time, it’s easy to be rich, loved and healthy. However, most folks start something and get bored halfway or decide that there is a better approach to it even before they get the chance to test it.

For example, think about New Year Resolutions. This tradition is so popular that one of the most common activity after the 1st of January is not cleaning up after the holidays, but instead making life changing plans. This is the period where gyms sell more subscriptions in one month than in all the other 11 combined, where planners are sold in millions and when motivational books sales notice a significant spike.

However, by the end of January, gyms are once again empty and the planners and the books lie thrown somewhere in the house. In other words, it’s one thing to start something and it’s another to actually get it to completion. It takes very little energy to start a plan to change your life or to build an online business but it takes effort to actually get it to the end.

So one of the best advice I can give you is this – if you decide to do something, do it until the end. Don’t look for a better course of action. Don’t fall into the paralysis of analysis. Don’t look for 500 ways to bring traffic of 150 WordPress plugin to optimize your website. Decide what you want to do and actually do it until the very end. It’s very simple, very intuitive but guess what? It works, every time.

Because in reality, most folks spend more time on forums trying to learn about IM and discussing strategies than applying. They are looking for that perfect way to bring traffic or to polish up their IM skills just a little bit while other people are taking simple ideas and concepts and are actually making money out of them.

The self-help industry focuses a lot on learning. Brian Tracy for example taught me that every hour invested in learning increases my income directly, now or in the future. However, what Brian Tracy tried to say is that action without knowledge is being inefficient but knowledge without any kind of action is being delusional.

This means that you must invest time in both learning and doing, usually at a ratio of 80% for action, for doing, for the hard work needed and 20% for learning. This translates into the real life around 40 hours for work and 10 hours for study and not the other way around.

One of place from where most new IMers come is the seduction and self-help community. While I can see the benefit of learning and improving your life, these two fields are usually more of “think-tanks” than “do-tanks”. They analyze the how, the when, the why, the what but rarely put it into practice.

In dating, you can know all about the female psychology, all about seduction, all about approaching girls. Unless you go out and actually approach girls, none will net any results. The same can be said about fitness. You can learn about building muscle but unless you put in the efforts in the gym, all your knowledge will not boost the size of your muscles or decrease your body fat index even by 10%.

You need to put in the work. So start something and work on it until it’s completed, only then start something else. This is the true formula for success.

Do Looks Matter In Seduction?

There are many pick-up coaches that say that no matter how you look, you can get the girl. This is hypocrisy since they don’t follow the same rule and they are either very good looking or very well dressed.

To put it simply, yes, it matters, but not as much as you think it does. In other words, you need to be handsome enough for her to be proud to go out with you but you don’t need to look like a movie star to get in bed with her.

If you are so ugly that she’ll be embarrassed with you, then it doesn’t matter how good you are at the game. Social pressure and the fact that people talk (and gossip) will act against you. You can still get the girl, even in that case, but it is far harder and to be honest – if you put 10% of the effort to get that good in improving how you look, you’ll make things far easier for you.

I don’t consider myself a good looking person, not at the handsome level anyway. But I know how to care care of myself. I dress nice, I groom and I keep myself clean. I can say that I’m average and yes, there are some girls out there who will go out only with guys who look like models.

These girls are not my target. Some of them are not even pretty, they are plain ugly. They’ve simply decided that looks are the most important thing to look in a man and I’m OK with that.

But in the same time, with my average but groomed and taken care of look I’ve managed to score perfect 10s, the kind of girls you would see on the cover of an adult magazine.

So my friend, even if you are not buffed, tall and handsome, even if you are not turning heads on the street, you can still get the girl. But you need to do your best to take care of you. Smell nice. Shave. Have a nice haircut. If you don’t have money for expensive clothes, then iron your existing ones and keep them clean. Keep your shoes clean.

That will go a long way.

It’s Hard To Make Money On The Front-End

When it comes to information products, the math is usually like this …

“Ok folks … so we’ve got a $20 product which costs nothing to replicate so each sale brings a $20 profit. We convert at 1% which means that 1 out of 100 people will buy this product. By doing some simple math, we’ll earn $200 from each 1000 unique visitors to your website.”

This is the kind of logic usually found in a “biz op scam book” or manuals that promote unrealistic ways to earn money online. In reality that 1000 unique visitors may cost $500 to bring (or it may be free) and there is usually a 10 – 20% refund rate no matter how good your product is.

In reality, traffic costs money and a lot of it. In reality there is no free factor to IM. Yes, posting to a forum in order to get traffic it may be free but it costs you time. If you account for that time by working somewhere else or as a freelancer, you’ll see that 10 hours invested for 100 clicks may mean $1 per click for which you’ve got in return only $20.

This is why most entrepreneurs try to make money on the back-end. They tweak the machine to break-even on the front end (in other words the profits generated cover the costs, nothing less, nothing more, usually even at a 1:1 ratio) and then they back-sell, cross-sell, back-sell, promote affiliate offers and so on through their sales funnel in order to make a profit.

How does this work?

[$1000 per month to get traffic] -> [$1200 in income] -> [$200 lost in refunds] -> [$500 back-sell #1] -> [$750 – back-sell #2] -> [final profit – $1250]

Of course, I haven’t took the operational costs into account here but you can get the point. Break even on the front-end and make the profit on the back-end. Actually, many good marketers say that if you are earning money on the front-end, even one buck, money that is not reinvested into more traffic or better conversion, depending on which you need more, you are doing it wrong.

A second, more advanced strategy is even to lose money on the front-end. When PPC is used, the huge costs associated with it means that unless you are selling a $100 front-end ticket or so, it’s very hard to make a profit.

In a very competitive niche like weight loss, the cost per click can account to $2 and at $2/click and a 1% conversion rate, it would take at least 100 clicks to make a sale (which costs $100).

$100 is very high for a front-end product since a front-end is the entry into the sales funnel, not the goal itself. At $100 per one sale of $20 let’s say, it means that you need to sale an additional $80 in the back-end to break even and anything else after it to make a sale.

It may seem a lot or it may seem difficult but this is the strategy employed by most people. When you know that you can generate an extra $150 as an example from that particular client in the next 31 days, paying $100 to bring him on board is not such a big deal anymore.

Finally, I’d like to end with a tip. Don’t price your front-end product too high. There are a few psychological price barriers you should take note of. The first one is between $0 and $20. The second one is between $20 and $50.

And the third one is between $50 and $100. The higher the tier of the price, the harder it will be to sell. However, in theory and usually even in practice, it’s about the same to sell a $29.99 product as a $49.99 product, as long as you can justify the purchase by offering enough value.

Hired VAs Are Not Paid To Read Your Mind

Usually, money is like sex. When you have too much, it’s no big deal. When it’s very scarce, it’s one of the most important things to do.

This is why most folks when they try to outsource consider their money to be a little more valuable than others. In other words, someone who spends $500 on a ebook and $500 is all he has will usually have higher expectations than someone who spends the same $500 but has another $4500 in his account.

However, this is not how things work. Services outsourced are not customized based on how much money you have available or how much of a good or bad guy you truly are. Instead, they are based on industry standards and in 99% of the cases, your $100 will purchase the same thing as $100 from another person.

Why am I making this point?

Too many beginners expect way too much for something just because they’ve paid for it. They want the best quality money can buy, fast, easy, extra help and a lot more but for the lowest amount possible. Usually, they don’t get this.

This is the first mistake most beginners make when outsourcing.

The second mistake is simply leaving something on autopilot. I’ve seen too many, way too many folks acting like “here’s $500, write me a money making ebook”. It simply does not work this way. When you hire a ghostwriter for example, you hire him for his ability to write, not to take your decisions towards the development of the business.

Unless he’s also a consultant and he’s paid for this, he has no interest on researching the market and finding out what your book should be about.

Therefore, being lazy when outsourcing does not pay. Read this again – being lazy when outsourcing is a big, big mistake.

When you create something or when you have someone else do that for you, there are two factors you need to get right. These are doing the right things and doing them right.

The job of a copywriter, ghostwriter, traffic person, web designer, etc is to do things right, to follow your orders as close as possible and deliver what you’ve asked. Their job is not to find out what are the right things. They are not business consultants, they are service providers.

This means that if you want to outsource your internet marketing tasks, make sure you first understand what is the right thing to actually get done. If you want an website, you should first know how that website should look and act and on what platform it should be based. If you want an ebook, it’s best to come with an outline or at least a one page description on how you see the final product.

And only then, after you’ve drawn the right path for the person you’ve hired to take you can let him start work and put in the blocks, until you get what you want. The job to put in the blocks is his, the job to decide what to build is entirely yours and leaving this to another person is a major and common beginner mistake.

As a closing thought, freelancers don’t usually care if you are simply starting out or if you are a veteran of this industry.

While it’s common for veterans to pay more for quality and simply because they can while beginners will keep an eye on every penny spent, if you want quality, be prepared to shed out the money, with or without having a big bank account.

Website Traffic Is Usually An Active Thing

Classic scenario: guy builds site. Guy writes book. Guy writes copy.

Guy waits for people to come to his website and buy. Guy waits for JV partners to rush in.

Guy is disappointed since the world does not know that he launched a new website and even if it did, unless it appeals to their problems, they are not interested in doing it.

In other words, if you want traffic, it’s not enough to build something to sell. You must bring people, qualified people to actually see it and buy it too. Too many folks, especially first timers think that just because they’ve came up with a brilliant book, then the world will know this, just as his book was more advertised by it’s sheer brilliance better than Obama’s second reelection.

People do not know if you create a new product. The internet is so big and they are so busy that a new product is simply a blip on the radar no one cares about. This is first. Second, they do not care. Just because you’ve created it, this doesn’t mean that it attracts their attention.

If it’s the only solution to a burning problem, word will get around. If Google changes it’s search algorithms tonight and tomorrow a new book is out, the er number of people who want to rank their websites again will give this book a good chance.

However, unless what you target is an urgent problem and you are the only one who knows about this, chances are that there is no one or very few people looking for your website keywords or your book.

So stop thinking that if you build it, they’ll come. In reality, if you build it, they’ll not even know and even if they do know, they are probably too busy to do anything about it.

This leads us to our second thought, the fact that once you realize the need of traffic, there are two ways to bring it, passive and active.

Passive traffic is like a big billboard and usually it will attract only folks who are actively looking for what you have to sell. Banners, magazine ads, some forms of PPC is all passive. It’s in your field of view but it doesn’t involve you in any way.

It’s there. If it attracts your attention, then you can find out more. If not, you can simply move on.

Active traffic is the one that tries to get your attention in a active mode. A pop-up will get your attention no matter what you do. An email, a phone call, an advertisement on YouTube, smartly written PPC ads (the one that requires you to take some action and not simply act as a classified ad) will all make you focus on the ad for a few second.

And if the ad is good enough, you’ll take the next step. If not, you’ll forget it and move on.

When it comes to getting traffic, people are reacting less and less to passive advertising and more and more to active one. Passive advertising is still efficient if you try to sell retail but with info products, banner ads and stuff like that is simply inefficient.

Instead, you must get the attention of your market and then make them want to visit your website by presenting them with something that appeals to their own interest.

To end, a good example in the PPC field would be “Ebook About The Law Of Attraction” vs “Are You Putting The Law Of Attraction To Work? Free 15 Question Quiz Gives You This Answer + Free Guide. Click Here To Find Out More”.

The difference is that the first one is simply informative while the second asks the prospect to do something.

Self-Esteem & Dating

Self-esteem is your own worth, your own perception of worth since this is very subjective. There is no universal standard of what you deserve and what are your options. Instead, it is something you decide, through what you think and through how you behave.

And self-esteem limits your dating options.

Do you remember the old score? That if you are a seven, you can get a maximum of eight and anything under it? It is BS. You can get a ten if you want and if you work for it.

The problem with most people is that they consider themselves a five or a six and that most cute girls are out of their reach. Not only this but everything good in life is out of their reach. That amazing experiences are for “other people” but not for them.

While there is a limit to your achievement, a real hard limit, there is no limit to your potential. I’ll be honest. If you are ugly and fat, don’t expect to get a ten. Or a eight. Or a seven. Things do not work this way.

But if you are ugly and fat, you can make yourself handsome and hit the gym. And transform yourself from a five to a seven. In the end, everything that is humanly possible is within your reach.

The cliche of “being liked for what you are” works within some boundaries. You’ll attract people like you. If you are a five, you’ll attract your equal and your inferior. So the only rational choice is to make yourself a better person and attract higher quality people.

You can’t do what you are not. This is one of the basic principles of life. So if it offers you any comfort, you can attract and sleep with girls up to a level. There are a lot of girls who want to be in your bed tonight. But if you want the amazing ones, the ones you fantasize about, then work on yourself.

How To Pick-UP In Bars & Nightclubs

Why do people go to nightclubs?

To have sex mostly. Girls and boys alike. It is like the perfect mating ground. Yet, nobody will ever admit this. And as a consequence, people will dance, kiss, touch, have sex in the bathroom but in the same time, nobody will say that they are there for this. They’ll say that it is for fun.

That being said, here are seven rules for being successful in a nightclub or a similar venue.

Rule #1 – Dress nice.

How you look accounts 90% in such a venue. It may not matter that much everywhere else but a venue like this is designed for people to stand out, in way of physical attractiveness.

So really dress up for the occasion. Before you can even say hi, how you look will talk for you. It will be your calling card.

Rule #2 – Be calm and relaxed.

Nightclubs are not ideal places for introverts. Loud sounds, a lot of people, strong lights, everything combined can really make you feel nervous.

And if you are nervous, you will transmit your anxiety and this is not the way to get the girl. If you feel jumpy and like you don’t belong there, just leave. It won’t work out or stay there, get used to the environment and approach at a later date.

Personally, I’ve visited nightclubs for weeks in a row without meeting a single girl just to get used to the new environment and it is an investment that paid of.

Rule #3 – Approach groups.

Unless on the dance floor, girls will generally be found in groups. They will either be with other girls or in mixed groups. It is rare, very rare to find a girl alone in a nightclub and when you do find one, she’s either waiting for someone or she has a really, really bad night and wants to be alone.

So when approaching, don’t girl to a single girl. Go to the group. Become a friend to the group. If they trust you, you’ll have a far easier job later. If they don’t like you, they’ll do everything in their power to block you and believe me, in a nightclub, they’ll succeed. You may even get your ass kicked.

So game the group in order to get the girl. If she is on the dance floor, you can dance directly with her and this will go a long way, but at some point, you’ll have to meet the group.

Rule #4 – Don’t drink.

While having a beer or two is good when trying to have fun, every drink you have will reduce your reaction time. In order to approach and to be responsive to what is happening around you, you need to keep a clear mind and booze, of any kind, will not really help you with this.

Plus, even if you may become more courageous drunk, chances are that it may be the wrong type of courage. You can drink whenever you go out to have fun but when trying to pick up girls, it is better to stick to water.

Rule #5 – Smile.

I can’t stress this enough. It doesn’t really matter where you are. You can be on the street, you can be in a club, you can be on a cruise-ship or in the Sahara desert. If you see someone else, especially a beautiful girl, smile.

Smiling is the universal signal for goodwill and it puts most people’s defense down.

Rule #6 – Have someone around.

For most girls, the guy that is always alone in a nightclub and never speaks with anyone is a creep. And creeps rarely get laid.

Bring some friends. They don’t have to be good friends but you need to have company. To have someone at the table. To have someone to talk with. It raises your social value automatically. If you can do this with girls, it works ten times better.

Rule #7 – HAVE FUN!

This is what everyone around you is doing anyway. You may get laid. You may not. It doesn’t really matter in the end. Have fun and good things will happen. A paradox of life is that the more you pursue something, the more you’ll push that something away.

The same happens in clubs. The more stressed you are about getting that phone number, the less likely it is going to happen. So go there, meet some new people, carry a few conversations, have a good time and the girl(s) will appear too. I promise that!

One Night Stands or Relationships?

This is a question that I get a lot.

You meet a girl. You sleep with her. From that point, should you start a relationship (as she wants) or simply keep it as a ONS?

It depends on a case to case basis.

You see, there are some people with whom you can spend only a few minutes at a time before wanting to kick them in the mouth. And there are folks with whom you can spend days in the same room and not feel bored or overwhelmed.

The same principle comes down to a woman. If you feel like she is girlfriend material and you can spend quality time with her, go for it. If you feel like the only good thing you’ve got out of the interaction was sex, then keep it for sex.

Don’t go through the pretense of a relationship just in order to get sex. It is not worth it. There are more than enough girls out there and you don’t have to settle with anyone unless this is what you really, really, REALLY want.

In order for a girl to sleep with you, she must meet certain standards. These differ from person to person. But in order for her to have a relationship with you, she must meet other standards, far higher.

Now don’t get me wrong. She won’t think this way. Nine out of ten girls, after sex, will want a relationship. It is something evolutionary, a part of her will always want to stick around after sex. But sex is NOT, I repeat, is NOT, the buying price into a relationship.

Always judge a girl but who she is, not if she sleeps with you or not, when going for a relationship. It will save you a lot of hassle in the long term.

Developing A Process In Game

I’ve read one of the most fascinating things lately. You know why people like Zuckerberg (the creator of Facebook) always dress in casual clothes? Or why people like the late Steve Jobs always dressed in similar clothes?

It isn’t because they are cheap. It is in order to save time. By having the same dress code every single day, the save time.

Every successful person follows a process, a set of actions that are done again and again with a predetermined purpose. This saves them from the need to think about it every time and from wasting time on different options.

So why shouldn’t you do the same thing? Why shouldn’t you follow a process when going out to meet girls?

In other words – you should create a process from start to finish.

Here is how such a process would look like:

  • Opening.
  • First topic covered.
  • Second topic.
  • Third topic.
  • Questions you’ll ask her.
  • Asking her number.
  • Post number small-talk.

In other words, you don’t want to be stuck. You don’t want to wonder “what’s next” and always have something prepared. For example, one of my processes was to ask for directions and interesting places when in a new country.

The conversation always started with something like …

“Hi, I’m a tourist here and I’m a bit lost. Where can I find XYZ?”

She would reply something and then I would ask …

“Speaking of which, what other fun places can you reccomend me in this town?”

From this point, the conversation picked off naturally and I would always ask for the phone number at the end. Based on the feedback I’ve got (how she reacted), I improved my process. At some point I approached about 5 – 6 girls an hour using this process.

You can use this mindset in other areas of your life too. If you define a process, step by step actions, you’ll get results faster in any area you want.

For example, a lot of people want to take up running, especially in the morning. Most give up after two or three days, when the initial motivation goes away.

But what if you could define a process? Such a process would look like:

  • Set an alarm to go to sleep, so you can get at least seven hours of quality sleep a night. This alarm can go at 22:00.
  • Prepare your running clothes and sneakers from the evening before, you want to have everything ready, even your iPod or MP3 player.
  • Set the first alarm at 06:55 and put it away from your bed, so you won’t hit the snooze button automatically.
  • Set the second alarm at 07:00.
  • Have a bottle of water next to the clothes.
  • Once you wake up, drink water, shower and get dressed into the gym clothes. Go outside and run.

If you prepare everything beforehand, especially if you prepare your environment, it will become a habit far, far faster.

So as a final trick, define a process so you always know what you need to do next. It will save you a lot of time and it will help you get through the initial pain period, where you are not very good at it and you will not get results easily.

Believe In Yourself When You Approach A Woman

This part of the book is not about a technique. It is not about some secret strategy. It is about you. It is about you, the person who wants something else from his life.

The person who is sick and tired of spending fridays … and saturdays … and sundays … and maybe all the days of the week alone. The person which wants to meet as many girls as possible and wants to offer them something good … no matter if it is about the experience, the trust or simply the sex.

You may have wondered, often, why you are not successful with the opposite sex. Why some people find it so natural and easy while you find it among the hardest things in life.

Well, my friend, there is no simple answer to this. This is how things are. Some people were taught to be more courageous since a young age and this easily translated into young adulthood.

Some people prefered to play Football instead of playing computer games and therefore, developed social skills faster than you. In the end, what you are right now is a consequence of everything you’ve done (or lacked to do) in your lifetime.

Your identity determines the results you achieve in life. And your identity is a sum of many factors, some that are easy to understand and others that are hidden deep within your psyche.

What you need to understand is that where you are now is not representative of where you’ve been. However, in the same time, unless you change something, in five years you’ll be the same person and as a consequence, you’ll get exactly the same results.

In life, nothing changes unless you change. It all starts with you. Dating won’t change. Social interactions won’t change. Until you take the decision to take control of your life and do something amazing with it, you won’t change your results.

I know that it is scary. This is why so few people do it.

Most people prefer to complain.

For example, let’s take a person that is overweight. The fastest and easiest way to lose weight is to eat less while burning more calories. Yet, few people do this. Most people prefer to simply complain and condemn others for why they fail.

Yet, this is hypocrisy. Life is not fair and we are not all made equal. Would you be attracted to a girl that is not attractive? Mostly not.

Then why should an attractive girl be attracted to you if you are not attractive? It is live by the sword and die by the sword. And I guess this is the entire central idea between seduction and what I’m trying to teach you here.

You can find excuses why you don’t want to do it. You can rationalize. Nobody will condemn you. It is your life. Yet, if you want results, you need to put in the work and nothing, nothing at all in this world can change this (unless you become very good looking or become rich).

Will approaching girls be easy?


Will you get results from day one?

No, unless you are very lucky.

Will you get rejected a lot?


But it is worth it. It is worth it because if you get good at this, if you develop this skill, then you won’t be alone ever again. You’ll be in the position to chose. You’ll be one of the few who can meet someone new whenever he wants.

And that’s not all.

You’re also going to develop as a person. You’ll see how your self esteem increases overnight and you’ll perform better at work. You’ll have more faith in yourself. You’ll start to take better care of yourself. This simple thing – this simple decision – to start approaching girls will change your entire life.

It will compound into changes you can’t even realize right now. And then, one day, you’ll find yourself in a different world, as a different person.

A world in which sex is not a big deal because it is easily available. A world where you feel and you are in control over your own existence and a world where all your shyness, all your anxiety, is gone.

And this is the end goal. To transform yourself. To become the next version of yourself. To become what you’ve always wanted.

That’s why my friend – I welcome you on this journey. It is not only about sex and meeting girls. It is about having the courage to transform yourself and be what you’ve only dreamt of. And doing this – going on this road was and still is one of the best decisions of my life.

You see, you don’t know what you don’t know.

There are four levels of competence in life. These are:

* Unconscious incompetence.

* Conscious incompetence.

* Conscious competence.

* Unconscious competence.

When you are at the first level, you don’t even know that you have some shortcomings. You haven’t put yourself in a situation to see if you can do it or not. Everyone single person that starts in this journey starts here.

You’ll soon realize how many skills you lack and that your self-confidence in the real world is not as good as you think it is. And that’s alright. We’ve all gotta start somewhere. You first need to be awful at something in order to become good.

Then you get to level two. You realize that you don’t know how to do things but at least you know that there is a better way. This is the “a-ha” moment. It is the moment when you decide to change something because you are not going to live this way anymore.

At this stage, you are looking for ways to meet girls. You are studying and you are trying new stuff in the field. It is not easy. You are still going to fail, a lot, but you are on the right road.

The third stage is when you are actually getting good at it. You must think every move and you are like an actor playing a role, but things are working in your favor. You are getting phone numbers, even dates. You are making progress. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you win, but at least you know that if you do the right things often enough, you’ll succeed.

Finally, you move into the fourth stage. This is when it becomes a part of you. This is when everything you do, learn becomes a second nature so you can simply go out and meet girls. This is your final goal.

You can’t jump from 1 to 4. You need to go through each and every single step of the learning process. I assume that you are eager to get results but until you fail, you can’t succeed.

That’s the mindset you need to have.

Accept failure.

Accept the fact that you’ll suck at first. And accept that it is all a number’s game. A game in which if you do it enough, no matter how good or bad you are, you’re going to get results. The more you’ll do it, the better you’ll get at it, the faster you’ll get results.

If you want to eliminate everything but the basic concept – the more work you put in now, the less work you’ll have to put in later. If it will take 50 approaches to get a number when you first get started, if you do it constantly, in six months that number will be down to five.

So get started. NOW. It is the fastest and easiest way to get where you want to be.