The Meaning Of Your Life & The Existence Of a “Grand Designer”

There will be moments in your life when you will dive into a deep deep thinking about the meaning of your life and life in general. These deep moments of trance will take place mostly after a tragedy in various forms. It is a byproduct of suffering.

You might start reading books like “Man’s search For Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl and anticipating to find an answer… utopianistic place like Heaven, but you will not find one that exists.

You can search such a place but is such a place a reality to begin with?

There is no answer to a question “Is heaven a real place and does my life have a meaning?” and you can’t prove or disprove the existence of God with science.

It is a grey zone.

Science is ultra-rationality, the study of the world through mathematics, physics,experiments and so forth. How can you then form a rational interpretation for something irrational or even something that does not even exist?

I personally believe that heaven does not exist and the meaning of life is zero.

Searching for a Grand designer of universe is mostly driven by your instinct to survive. Life is what it is and because you need a place full of pleasure that doesn’t mean that it is also a real one.

There is a difference between reality and fantasy.

I am a person who at the moment of writing this needs God more than anything but damn I am also smart enough to start suspecting that this life is what we’ve got. No more….no less.

When you die, you will simply not exist like you didn’t exist before you were born.

Do you feel anything before you were born?

Do you remember anything before you were born?

Tell me a bad or a good thing that happened before you were born that impacted you directly or indirectly emotionally or physically?

I believe that life is a very complex and dynamic structure yet it finds its equilibrium one way or another. It is a structure driven by causality. It is so complex that it is virtually impossible to complete the puzzle and answer all of your existential questions.

What I can tell you for sure is that you must change your thinking.

You need a paradigm shift.

Focus on happiness and fulfillment instead. Forget about the meaning of life and focus on meeting your six basic needs, that is certainty, variety, love, significance, growth and contribution.

Let me briefly explain these needs.

Certainty: This is security, stability and the general sense of safeness. Cash in your bank account is certainty. Assets you posses are certainty. The fact that you live in a developed society and not in the jungle is certainty.

Uncertainty: otherwise variety. This is our need for adventure. We humans are getting easily bored. Often we crave to live an adventurous life full of nuances, bold experiences and ecstatic moments.

love: connection with other people, especially the opposite sex.

Growth: This is your metamorphoses. When from a little boy you become a man of wealth and power or from a little girl you become a woman-entrepreneur. Growth comes when you read 100 books/ year, when you work, when you contribute, when you experience life, when you improve your health, when you live outside of your comfort zone etc.

Contribution: Usually this refers to billionaires & ultra-successful men and women. At least this is the trend. They are massively successful and in order to reach self-actualization they contribute. This has to do more with fulfillment and general sense of happiness and worthiness than with ambition.

This package of needs lead to a rather happy and fulfilling life. I believe that at the end of your day or your life, what matters is the level of your happiness during your life.

If a Porsche makes you happy then buy this car. If a $5000 Rolex makes you happy then buy this watch. If travelling is what makes you happy, go and travel the world. If women make you happy then go and meet these incredible creatures. If you love sport then immerse yourself with this activity.

The final conclusion is that you only have one life so live it extraordinarily, don’t lose time and enjoy it….every day, every minute, every second of your life is priceless.

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