Value First, Money Second

There are two kind of IMers (Internet Marketers). The first one live in 1980. The second one in 2016.

The first kind operates from a “I’ve got a secret, pay me good money and maybe I’ll tell you”. The second think a little bit different. They first show their credibility, give a good taste of what they’ve got in store, bribe you to want to find out more and only then ask for money.

What kind of marketer will you be?

Will you be a marketer which thinks that prospects should simply buy what he has because he created it (as most people do) or the one which recognizes that information is free today and people pay only for solutions to their problems?

It’s your choice.

When it comes to IM, it’s not enough to know something. It’s not enough to know how to create a website or write a sales page. There are tens, hundreds, thousands of free resources online on this.

Anything you want to know, from setting up Aweber to writing your first sales page can be found online for free. There was a time when information made money but that time is long gone.

Now, if you want to make money online, to earn a nice living in front of your computer, you need to understand your prospect (the person which can pay you) and his problems. You need to create guides, ebooks, sites, courses that targets exactly his frustrations and challenges and not a one size fits all, “Wikipedia” like thing.

You need to show him that you know your craft (by giving huge amounts of information for free, as I’m doing in this course), you need to show what you’ve done for others (through the forms of testimonials, case studies and more recently, social media visibility) and you need to position yourself as an expert for his problem, not just as an expert.

Eben Pagan said “move the free line”. This means giving away so much free stuff in form of video, audio, text and even software that it will make the prospect say “wow, if he gives away so much stuff for free, so much valuable stuff, then I wonder what’s in store for me if I buy this”.

Other marketing gurus promoted the same thing. Some through the form of free trials, others through showcases, others through 100 page long white papers. The idea in all of these cases is the same … no one cares that you have a secret that may solve their problem. They want to know what it is, they want to know how it can help them, they want to know that it worked for other people and only then they will actually pull out their wallet and pay.

Or to quote the marketing and advertising genius Roy H. Williams, the author of “The Wizard of Ads” and many other extraordinary books on advertising (and life) …

“The only truth we accept is the one we realize ourselves”.

In other words, if you want your prospect to accept what you have as good, as the true solution to this problem, you must find ways to make him realize this on his own. It’s not enough simply state it.

Action step: Brainstorm five ways to showcase the value of what you’ve got to sell for free to your prospects. This can be in form of extra free content, bonuses, showcases, trial offers or webinars.

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