There Is No Sure Formula For An Online Business

When it comes to creating your online business, you may be inclined to look for a framework, a system that you can follow step by step and net you money. This is how most information products on biz op are formatted. You are persuaded to think that if you simply copy some PPC campaign or step-by-step procedure to earn money online, you’ll actually do.

There is a shortcoming to this tactic and that is scalability. Look, I can share with you right now a PPC campaign that does wonders for me and which brings me $1000 in profit for every $1000 invested. However, if I do that, a few things will happen.

First, the keywords price will go out artificially because way too many people will use it.

Second, it will lose it’s efficiency after 5 – 10 implementations, making it worthless for everyone on board.

The same can be said about my products in different niches. I can show you how I’ve done that, specifically but each time this strategy is used, it loses its efficiency until it’s worthless.

In reality, every successful product, every success scenario is a one time thing. It’s unique in so many ways and you can not rely on a copy and paste framework to make it work. You can’t look for any one PPC or traffic or conversion strategy to make it work with 100% certainty.

Instead, you focus on proven principles, principles that work around every product and service and then you customize them to this particular situation. In other words, using the same sales copy as someone else is not only illegal but ineffective but using the principles that made that copy a selling success works like gangbusters!

This may come as a shock to you, especially if you spend time on Warrior Forum.

On WF, 90% of the products promise you to make you rich by doing absolutely nothing then repeating a simple formula.

You can make $100.000/month by simply being a copycat. As you may already think, this does not work and everyone knows this. Don’t get deceived by the testimonials. There is a difference between a best case scenario and a good scenario.

For example, let’s say that you teach me one PPC strategy and I make $5000 thanks to it. You’ll get a testimonial from me.

However, what other people don’t know is that I have four years of experience in PPC and this means that I would have made close to that money no matter what. On the other side, give the same strategy to someone who is just starting out and he’s more likely to lose money than win it.

I know, it sucks, people are so deceitful when it comes to earning money. It’s not fair but this is how things are.

So from now on, don’t focus on any given strategy and learn instead the principles. Now, I admit, there are some strategies there that tend to work. For example Product Launch Formula is an amazing example and tends to work for most people.

However, PLF is also based on principles and not simply on a “follow the steps” formula and it requires skills and hard work to implement.

And if there is one advice to follow, stop buying those “1 – 2 – 3” guides about making money online. I’ve tried a lot of them and while they looked good in practice, they were close to worthless in real life. Unless it’s a real system, from a real person, not a $9 course on how to make six figure per month, then you better stay away from it.

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