One Step At A Time And Do It Right

When you first decide to launch your first online business, you’ll become excited (and that’s an understatement) and you’ll want everything done as soon as possible. You’ll take shortcuts, you’ll skip some steps from building your business and you’ll take the easiest way out.

And your business will fail.


It’s simple. Your business works if the systems inside of your business works. Yes, you can save time and write your sales copy in only two hours without doing prior research but this doesn’t mean that it will sell.

You can write a crappy book and hope that it will sell but this doesn’t mean that you won’t have a huge refund rate. You can build a simple and faulty website but this doesn’t mean it will actually serve your purposes.

In other words, unless you do it right, it won’t work.

This means that each time you want to build an online business, you want to take each element, each milestone, each task individually and give your best at completing it. The goal is not to simply get it out and done. People won’t buy it in this case. The goal is to create something that works, that helps you achieve a certain goal and for this you need to put a lot of effort.

You need to create a good product.

You need to develop converting sales materials.

You need to test many traffic strategies and implement one on a day to day basis.

You need to answer every email from customer support in order to understand what other people think about your product.

You need to split test and optimize your website.

And you need to do a lot more. Each one of these factors takes time, effort and in some cases money. However, you can’t skip it. You can’t launch an online business in one day or three or a week actually. It takes time (usually between 150 and 300 hours) and unless you are willing to invest that time, you’ll get a business that does not work.

And a business that does not work may take only 30 hours for example but these are 30 hours you’ve wasted from your life since what you’ve created does not work, there is nothing to learn there because in order to learn, you need some kind of results, no matter how small and you will become demotivated towards starting a new project.

Therefore … put in the effort!

Internet Marketing is not an arena for the lazy person. It’s an arena for the smart person that can quickly adapt to changing condition, that likes risk to some degree and which is willing to bet days and even weeks on a single card. It’s not your “9-5” field where if you put in the time or effort, you’ll get rewarded.

No, in this game you can put as much effort as you want. Unless you put the right effort, in the minimum required amount, you will fail. There are no safety nets here, no boss to give you a paycheck. It’s only you and your ability to earn money online.

Will you be able to do it?

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