Focus On Delivering Value

What is value in Internet Marketing?

This is a very interesting and confusing question. The first answer would be size. The bigger your information product is, the more valuable it seems. If your product is spanned over 40 DVDs it will look amazingly good. This is why so many people make their info products as big as possible, while in reality with some compressing it could all span on one DVD.

The second answer would be diversity. The way information is consumed is changing by the day. Five years ago, 90% of all information products were PDFs. Then audiobooks were the craze, video courses and membership sites.

Now in 2013, the latest form of consumption that is appreciated by the public are interactive membership site. In other words, people want to get involved, to do exercises, to answer questions and all in an interactive manner, not from a PDF and more and more marketers are taking advantage of this.

As a small parallel, this is part of the game theory. More and more marketers and internet entrepreneurs are using element from games like level ups, experience points, rewards, badges, progress bars and so on in order to encourage consumption. All that time spent playing World of Warcraft may not have been lost after all.

The third answer would be depth of the information. When selling information products, it’s not important how many topics you cover but rather how much deep you go into each one of them.

This means that it’s better to have one topic – for example writing PPC ads and dedicating 50 pages to it than having five elements around bringing traffic and dedicating ten pages each. Depth, intensity is far, far more important than covering a larger degree of information.

How does this all apply to you?

Well, you’ll be put in the position to format your information product in such a way to create as much perceived value as possible and you’ll want to know how. As a beginner, it’s best to start with an ebook.

However, you can have this ebook turned into an audio one using or … you can have it online in a HTML5 reader similar to Amazon Cloud Reader or Scribd, you can break a 100 page ebook into 10 actionable guides of ten pages each and so on.

Your goal is to make it look big, to deliver it into multiple formats and to focus on portions that exceed in depth of information, of focus than in the number of topics covered.

And if you want to use the latest in information marketing packaging, think how you can break down your ebook into a step-by-step course that requires the involvement of the prospect at every point then format it by days or by missions or by modules.

You want to deliver to him what to do, why and reward him for doing it in some way, on-site or off-site. However, just for starting out, it’s far best to limit yourself to about 70 – 100 pages in PDF divided into separate files, each dealing with a certain topic, problem or chapter.

It’s far easy to consume (reading 10 pages to solve a particular problem is better than reading 100 pages to solve the mother of all problems in that niche), it looks nice and it’s less intimidating to the marketplace (I don’t have enough time to read all of this is a common objection when it comes to buying ebooks and courses).

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