Website Traffic Is Usually An Active Thing

Classic scenario: guy builds site. Guy writes book. Guy writes copy.

Guy waits for people to come to his website and buy. Guy waits for JV partners to rush in.

Guy is disappointed since the world does not know that he launched a new website and even if it did, unless it appeals to their problems, they are not interested in doing it.

In other words, if you want traffic, it’s not enough to build something to sell. You must bring people, qualified people to actually see it and buy it too. Too many folks, especially first timers think that just because they’ve came up with a brilliant book, then the world will know this, just as his book was more advertised by it’s sheer brilliance better than Obama’s second reelection.

People do not know if you create a new product. The internet is so big and they are so busy that a new product is simply a blip on the radar no one cares about. This is first. Second, they do not care. Just because you’ve created it, this doesn’t mean that it attracts their attention.

If it’s the only solution to a burning problem, word will get around. If Google changes it’s search algorithms tonight and tomorrow a new book is out, the er number of people who want to rank their websites again will give this book a good chance.

However, unless what you target is an urgent problem and you are the only one who knows about this, chances are that there is no one or very few people looking for your website keywords or your book.

So stop thinking that if you build it, they’ll come. In reality, if you build it, they’ll not even know and even if they do know, they are probably too busy to do anything about it.

This leads us to our second thought, the fact that once you realize the need of traffic, there are two ways to bring it, passive and active.

Passive traffic is like a big billboard and usually it will attract only folks who are actively looking for what you have to sell. Banners, magazine ads, some forms of PPC is all passive. It’s in your field of view but it doesn’t involve you in any way.

It’s there. If it attracts your attention, then you can find out more. If not, you can simply move on.

Active traffic is the one that tries to get your attention in a active mode. A pop-up will get your attention no matter what you do. An email, a phone call, an advertisement on YouTube, smartly written PPC ads (the one that requires you to take some action and not simply act as a classified ad) will all make you focus on the ad for a few second.

And if the ad is good enough, you’ll take the next step. If not, you’ll forget it and move on.

When it comes to getting traffic, people are reacting less and less to passive advertising and more and more to active one. Passive advertising is still efficient if you try to sell retail but with info products, banner ads and stuff like that is simply inefficient.

Instead, you must get the attention of your market and then make them want to visit your website by presenting them with something that appeals to their own interest.

To end, a good example in the PPC field would be “Ebook About The Law Of Attraction” vs “Are You Putting The Law Of Attraction To Work? Free 15 Question Quiz Gives You This Answer + Free Guide. Click Here To Find Out More”.

The difference is that the first one is simply informative while the second asks the prospect to do something.

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