As humans, we want what other people want too.

It doesn’t really matter if that thing is valuable. The simply thing that others want it makes it valuable. It is one of the main principles in marketing and sales.

And no matter what are your qualities or flaws, the simply fact that another woman wants you makes you more attractive to the “marketplace”.

As you may already know, married men are far more interesting than those who are not married even if they are virtually the same person.

This is the social theory of preselection. If you can show that another woman already chose you, you automatically become better for every other woman that is or may find an interest in you.

For most guys, this would raise an ethical problem. If you are more attractive when you already have a girlfriend, then this means you have to cheat her in order to get someone else.

On some level, this is a true affirmations. However, pre-selection can be conveyed in many ways and in this part of the eBook, we are going to cover these.

Anything from having your phone call, having photos with other beautiful women on Facebook (or on your phone) or lipstick marks on your white shirt will do the trick. Some can even be pre-fabricated, actually, all of them.

You can simply show that you are pre-selected, even if you are not. It is a bit manipulative but it won’t harm anyone and it is very effective.

In order for you to better understand this, let me give you a brief lesson in evolutionary psychology.

You see, attraction exists to serve only one purpose – replication.

This is built in in every living being. When you are attracted to someone, you want that person to be the mother or father of your children. A woman may not want kids, may just want sex, but on a basic, elemental level, her drive is fueled by this – her desire to have children with someone with good genes that can take care of her and her children.

Of course, in the 21st century this is not true. Most women do not want children up to a certain age and sex is a vehicle for pleasure, not for procreation.

This is the rational part.

The emotional, instinctive part is when a woman has a gut feeling that communicates “he’s good genetic material and he would make a good father”. When another woman does this, by choosing, it is like she is advertising this thing to the rest of the world.

It is like she is a walking advertising for your qualities and for the fact that you are good enough for her to have sex with you. It sounds strange but it is what it is and we are not here to judge. We are here to learn how to seduce.

Pre-selection works best when it is genuine.

When you have ten women in your life that are willing to sleep with you, you’ll be confident, you’ll feel good in your own skin and you’ll subconsciously transmit this to any other woman. It will be like a piece of clothing that makes you feel amazingly good.

But what do you do when you have none?

You build the pre-selection tricks.

You build the appearance that you are desired, that you are a hot commodity so you can take advantage of this instinctive desire to have what other people already want.

A pre-selection trick, put simply is something that you can show that implies other women like you or that you are in a sexual relationship with another woman.

Or you can simply do it on a passive level.

For a woman, it is not so much about the fact that you are wealthy as your ability to create wealth. It is an indicator that you are smart enough to make things happen.

Therefore, nice clothes, a nice watch, nice shoes are indicators that you are smart enough to create, that you are not average. However, if these are outside of your reach for whatever reason, stick to subtle but efficient pre-selection indicators.

Pre-selection works even on mediums like Facebook.

There is a reason why guys post photos showing them having fun and surrounded by other women. That woman may be his sister or cousin but it doesn’t really matter. Anyone who is surrounded with members of the opposite sex becomes attractive automatically.

That’s being said, here are my favorite ten tricks to create the perception of pre-selection.

Trick #1 – Lipstick stains.

This is very effective even if too many people are doing it right now. If you are wearing a white shirt or a male scarf, some lipstick on it will show her that you’ve been “naughty” before.

It is important though to make this look authentic. If you are just applying lipstick, like it is a marker, it will both ruin your shirt and it will look false from a mile away.

Best way is to simply ask your girl to do this for you.

She’ll find it funny and go with it. I’m NOT suggesting that you apply lipstick on yourself and then do it. I understand that you want to get a date today but that would be going way too far.

When it comes to a scarf though, it is far easier. Just put some lipstick in a spot and leave it there. When you’ll go out in the field, to approach, hide that part partially as you are trying to hide this, as this is something you don’t want her to see. She’ll notice it anyway and this will give you some authenticity.

Trick #2 – Photos on your phone.

This one can be either very simple or very hard, depending on the kind of life you lead. If you already have an interesting lifestyle, save some photos on your phone so she can see them.

This is a very useful trick, taught virtually in all schools of seductions.

Show photos where you are the leader of others and where you are surrounded by beautiful women.

You can introduce the photo in a conversation very easily. Since you are talking about your experiences and her, if you can tell a story and show some photos (that will put you into a great light), half of the job is done.

Now if you don’t have such photos, then create them. Take some photos in interesting situations, even if you are alone. The idea is to show her that you have an exciting life since girls dig exciting men.

Best photos are the ones in which you are outdoor and you are doing something interesting, even showing her your adventurous side.

Trick #3 – Faint scent of women cologne.

Before you go to the store to buy women cologne, stop. The idea here is to make it look like you’ve borrowed from her scent from hugging and such and not to put women cologne on you.

There is a major difference between an accidental transfer (as when you hug somebody) and when you apply it directly to your skin.

So here’s my advice. First, wear a layer of your own cologne. Second, apply very little and only in the key areas (as the neck and clothes, preferably clothes) some women cologne. It doesn’t matter which one as long as it smells nice.

You want the first cologne perceived to be yours and then a slight scent of something else. And I can’t repeat this enough, don’t over-do-it. There is nothing interesting about a men wearing female cologne on purpose.

Trick #4 – Lifestyle proofs.

Let me explain what this mean. No matter what you do or you don’t do, a woman wants someone who is exciting, interesting and lives a cool life. You may or you may not be that person but that’s beside the point.

What you can do is fake the signals for such a thing. For example, you may wear a “club-entry” bracelet, the kinds you get when you go to a club. Or a stamp on your hand showing her that you’ve been to some cool club last night.

Or you can accidentally drop two used tickets for a movie which signals her that you’ve at least had company.

I know that it sounds corny and fake. It is. But it is also very effective. You can’t brag “I’ve been to club X” but you can let her see this by noticing some proof of you being there. It is the same thing with Facebook check-ins.

Half of them are fake and are made only for the purpose of bragging that that individual has a social life.

While FB won’t help you here, indicators of where you’ve been or what you’ve done will.

Trick #5 – Have your phone call. A lot.

This is something known by almost all people. When your phone rings a lot, you are a busy and sought after person (unless you work in customer support, then it is your job).

So it may help that during a date to have your phone vibrate insistently. Of course, you should never answer as this signifies bad manners but at least she will know that you are an important person.

How can you do this? There are apps and services to call you at a specified hour. Or you can simply ask a friend to do this for you as a favor.

Preselection works best when it isn’t forced. All these tricks can backfire against you very, very fast. Do them too much and they’ll be visible from a mile and too little that she won’t even notice.

Therefore, experiment. See what works for you. See what gets you results. You can combine all of them or use just one or two. It is your call in the end. But don’t overdo it. And remember, your attitude must back up the appearances. If you are acting strange and you are lacking confidence, then all the tricks in the world may not be enough.

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