How To Pick-UP In Bars & Nightclubs

Why do people go to nightclubs?

To have sex mostly. Girls and boys alike. It is like the perfect mating ground. Yet, nobody will ever admit this. And as a consequence, people will dance, kiss, touch, have sex in the bathroom but in the same time, nobody will say that they are there for this. They’ll say that it is for fun.

That being said, here are seven rules for being successful in a nightclub or a similar venue.

Rule #1 – Dress nice.

How you look accounts 90% in such a venue. It may not matter that much everywhere else but a venue like this is designed for people to stand out, in way of physical attractiveness.

So really dress up for the occasion. Before you can even say hi, how you look will talk for you. It will be your calling card.

Rule #2 – Be calm and relaxed.

Nightclubs are not ideal places for introverts. Loud sounds, a lot of people, strong lights, everything combined can really make you feel nervous.

And if you are nervous, you will transmit your anxiety and this is not the way to get the girl. If you feel jumpy and like you don’t belong there, just leave. It won’t work out or stay there, get used to the environment and approach at a later date.

Personally, I’ve visited nightclubs for weeks in a row without meeting a single girl just to get used to the new environment and it is an investment that paid of.

Rule #3 – Approach groups.

Unless on the dance floor, girls will generally be found in groups. They will either be with other girls or in mixed groups. It is rare, very rare to find a girl alone in a nightclub and when you do find one, she’s either waiting for someone or she has a really, really bad night and wants to be alone.

So when approaching, don’t girl to a single girl. Go to the group. Become a friend to the group. If they trust you, you’ll have a far easier job later. If they don’t like you, they’ll do everything in their power to block you and believe me, in a nightclub, they’ll succeed. You may even get your ass kicked.

So game the group in order to get the girl. If she is on the dance floor, you can dance directly with her and this will go a long way, but at some point, you’ll have to meet the group.

Rule #4 – Don’t drink.

While having a beer or two is good when trying to have fun, every drink you have will reduce your reaction time. In order to approach and to be responsive to what is happening around you, you need to keep a clear mind and booze, of any kind, will not really help you with this.

Plus, even if you may become more courageous drunk, chances are that it may be the wrong type of courage. You can drink whenever you go out to have fun but when trying to pick up girls, it is better to stick to water.

Rule #5 – Smile.

I can’t stress this enough. It doesn’t really matter where you are. You can be on the street, you can be in a club, you can be on a cruise-ship or in the Sahara desert. If you see someone else, especially a beautiful girl, smile.

Smiling is the universal signal for goodwill and it puts most people’s defense down.

Rule #6 – Have someone around.

For most girls, the guy that is always alone in a nightclub and never speaks with anyone is a creep. And creeps rarely get laid.

Bring some friends. They don’t have to be good friends but you need to have company. To have someone at the table. To have someone to talk with. It raises your social value automatically. If you can do this with girls, it works ten times better.

Rule #7 – HAVE FUN!

This is what everyone around you is doing anyway. You may get laid. You may not. It doesn’t really matter in the end. Have fun and good things will happen. A paradox of life is that the more you pursue something, the more you’ll push that something away.

The same happens in clubs. The more stressed you are about getting that phone number, the less likely it is going to happen. So go there, meet some new people, carry a few conversations, have a good time and the girl(s) will appear too. I promise that!

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