How Attraction Works

What does a woman want?

Well, most people would say “nobody knows”. Even the women around you may say the same thing

But this is not true.

And to help you understand, let’s make a computer analogy.

There is Android and IOS. These are two operating systems for mobile phones. Chances are that you have one of them. For example, if you have a Samsung phone, you have Android. If you have an iPhone, you have IOS.

Both serve the same purpose – to make calls, play music, videos, surf the Internet, etc.

However, even if they do exactly the same, they are different.

You can’t install IOS programs on Android and you can’t do the opposite. They share the same purpose but have a different architecture.

The same applies to men and women.

We are essentially built the same but in the same time, very, very different. Apart from the anatomical differences which you are very aware of, there are also psychological differences.

That’s why it is being said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

That’s why us, as man, find it so difficult to understand woman.

It is like they speak another language. A language of emotions, of small details while we are more factual. Woman want to express themselves, we want to get it done.

Let me give you an example, as it usually happens in a relationship.

Your girlfriend is upset. She says that she’s OK but you know that this is not true.

You insist. She tells you that she’s fine. Then you leave her alone and she gets even more upset because you’ve left her alone.

You try again to discover – frustrated of what is happening. You find out, it is a small problem at work. You suggest some plans, some course of action but she is not interested. She is interested only in talking.

After two hours of talking, even if the problems is still there, she is happy. She is acting like nothing ever happened. She never wanted help. She just wanted to express her feelings.

For us, this may seem very irrational.

  • She wants help?
  • She doesn’t want help?
  • She wants time alone?
  • She doesn’t?
  • Does she even know?

But this is because we judge this from our point of view and not from hers.

We see things in a different manner compared to the opposite sex. It is not like you are right and she is wrong or the other way.

This is not the goal.

In life it is not about being right, it is about getting results.

Instead, the goal is to find a common ground, one in which you can both work, so you can understand her behavior and that she can understand yours.

What does this have to do with attraction?

Well, it is not about the things that you think it creates attraction, it is about what it makes her feel attracted.

Let’s take bad-boys. Why are girls so attracted to bad guys?

Well, the answer is simple. It is in their traits and what they express through that.

They are interesting. Like a game. Hard to decypher. They are exciting. Always giving her something new. Giving her emotions and a woman (and a man too) is wired to want to feel. It is what makes us human.

They are unpredictable. You don’t know what to expect.

A nice guys get her emotions to 5 maybe. A bad boy gets them to 50.

And emotions are the fuel to attraction. Emotions are the wood required to create the fire. Without emotions, there is no attraction. You can’t convince someone to be rationally attracted to you.

You can only make her feel attracted by generating the right emotions. Emotions are the tool of the game.

And how do you do this?

It is what I like to call the roller coaster effect.

Have you’ve ever been on a roller-coaster? It is purely insane. It is a combination of adrenaline, fear, enjoyment, excitement and ten more other things. Now you are fearful, the next moment you are feeling ecstatic.

The same thing works in generating attraction.

You need to take her through an “emotional rollercoaster”.

Make her feel good then leave. Make her fear losing you (not in other way, there is good fear and bad fear). Give her the time of her life then let her want you back. When she gets closer to you, push her away a bit and in the same time, get closer to her. Give her a true rollercoaster and she’ll be MAD about you.

This concept is rather hard to understand for most guys. They don’t see the point in everything. They don’t see why they have to bother with this.

Well my friend, I don’t know either but it is what it is.

This is the game and these are the rules. You can appeal to the rational mind in many circumstances – business, social, life, education but when it comes to get a girl naked and willing, it is not that effective. Actually, some of the most successful guys when it comes to getting laid are not even that smart.

Some are plain stupid.

Yet, because they don’t try to act on a rational level but instead on a primal, instinctual one, they get laid. A lot. I know that it is sad. I know that it is unfair.

But this is reality and you can either play by its rules or go become a monk.

So here’s the lesson you need to learn here – if you want to be successful with the opposite sex, discard everything you think you know about it.

It is a completely different way of seeing the world and what makes sense to you may not make sense to hear and the other way around.

The faster you understand the rules and the faster you can see things through her own eyes, the faster you’ll make her fall for you.

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