Hired VAs Are Not Paid To Read Your Mind

Usually, money is like sex. When you have too much, it’s no big deal. When it’s very scarce, it’s one of the most important things to do.

This is why most folks when they try to outsource consider their money to be a little more valuable than others. In other words, someone who spends $500 on a ebook and $500 is all he has will usually have higher expectations than someone who spends the same $500 but has another $4500 in his account.

However, this is not how things work. Services outsourced are not customized based on how much money you have available or how much of a good or bad guy you truly are. Instead, they are based on industry standards and in 99% of the cases, your $100 will purchase the same thing as $100 from another person.

Why am I making this point?

Too many beginners expect way too much for something just because they’ve paid for it. They want the best quality money can buy, fast, easy, extra help and a lot more but for the lowest amount possible. Usually, they don’t get this.

This is the first mistake most beginners make when outsourcing.

The second mistake is simply leaving something on autopilot. I’ve seen too many, way too many folks acting like “here’s $500, write me a money making ebook”. It simply does not work this way. When you hire a ghostwriter for example, you hire him for his ability to write, not to take your decisions towards the development of the business.

Unless he’s also a consultant and he’s paid for this, he has no interest on researching the market and finding out what your book should be about.

Therefore, being lazy when outsourcing does not pay. Read this again – being lazy when outsourcing is a big, big mistake.

When you create something or when you have someone else do that for you, there are two factors you need to get right. These are doing the right things and doing them right.

The job of a copywriter, ghostwriter, traffic person, web designer, etc is to do things right, to follow your orders as close as possible and deliver what you’ve asked. Their job is not to find out what are the right things. They are not business consultants, they are service providers.

This means that if you want to outsource your internet marketing tasks, make sure you first understand what is the right thing to actually get done. If you want an website, you should first know how that website should look and act and on what platform it should be based. If you want an ebook, it’s best to come with an outline or at least a one page description on how you see the final product.

And only then, after you’ve drawn the right path for the person you’ve hired to take you can let him start work and put in the blocks, until you get what you want. The job to put in the blocks is his, the job to decide what to build is entirely yours and leaving this to another person is a major and common beginner mistake.

As a closing thought, freelancers don’t usually care if you are simply starting out or if you are a veteran of this industry.

While it’s common for veterans to pay more for quality and simply because they can while beginners will keep an eye on every penny spent, if you want quality, be prepared to shed out the money, with or without having a big bank account.

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