A Crash, No B.S. Course In Internet Marketing

My dear friend and reader, if you are like me, when you have first entered the world of IM, you’ve thought that everything is going to be easy. You have probably thought that it’s as easy as creating a website then you’ll have hundreds of people rushing to buy your product.

I don’t blame you, especially since it is not your fault. It is not like your “IM Guru” AKA the person from which you’ve learned told you the entire truth. After all, they make sales by playing on your need to think that it is easy to make money online and they are not willing to ruin their sales appeal.

However, let’s take one step back here. I’m not saying that you can’t make money online. You can. I’ve seen 14 years old earning a few hundred dollars each week from their laptop and I’ve seen veterans making more than one million per year. You can do it but it’s not as easy as other people made you think.

Actually, it’s far harder. And now that you know that, you have two options. You can keep living in a dreamworld where you can make money online with no skill, effort or strategy and hate me for trying to tell you the truth (as most people will do, they would rather shut down their eyes than learn how things works) or you can accept the fact that you’ve been feeded a lot of things that do not necessarily work and learn how to do it the right way.

The choice is yours. If you’re going to read past this line in this article, this means that you’re interested in results, not in being right and in this case, I promise you that you’re going to find some very valuable, straight to the point resources to help you here – even if they are very different from what you’ve seen before.

So first of all, let’s determine how things DO NOT work online.

You can’t …

  • Buy cheap traffic online as it will not convert.
  • Create a poor sales letter and still have people buying because there are customers for everyone (actually, there are more products and services than there should be for a very limited marketplace, so everyone fights for about the same people).
  • Copy the competition and achieve about the same results (this includes PPC ads too. However, you can copy the principle that made them successful but that is another story).
  • Work one hour, two hours, three hours a day and achieve online success (IM is a full time job, 50 hours a week).
  • Get JVs with the big guys just because someone told that you can. Big guys JVs only with other big guys and will not burn their list to promote a start-up unless it’s one of a kind.

However, you can …

  • Launch a small product on WarriorForum.com and earn a decent income (even if not for a long time).
  • Develop in about 3 months a product on ClickBank.com that will bring you at least $1000/month.
  • Learn the strategies and mindset to earn more than $100.000/year in less than 3 years.
  • Develop the skills to earn more than $1.000.000/year in less than five years.
  • Launch a product, write sales copy even if you are not a writer and you don’t consider yourself good in writing.
  • Succeed in IM no matter if you are young or old, rich or poor, motivated or unmotivated as long as you’re willing to put in the work required.

Internet marketing to some degree is a science. This means that if you do x, you’ll most probably get y. It’s not the most accurate science but there are some proven principles that you can replicate to achieve about the same results.

Here are a few of these principles:

  • Human nature will never change. People will always want to look better, thinner, younger, richer, to be more respected and so on.
  • A good sales letter is just a greased slide to have your prospect buy and it’s not meant to be creative or cute or interesting. It must only sell.
  • You’ll earn 80% of all your income in the last 20% of your time frame. This means that if you work for one year, you’ll probably make close to nothing for the first 9 months and then achieve amazing results in the next 3 months.
  • It requires 10.000 hours of practice to achieve the master level in anything. This means that if you want to be like Frank Kern, you need to invest a minimum of 10.000 hours in studying and applying Internet Marketing.
  • People will not come to you just because you have something to sell. People do not care that you need the money fast or you’ve put a lot of effort into it. They care only if you can help them solve a particular problem. We are all selfish and IMers understand this best.

When it comes to launching a business in the IM niche, you have to focus on three particular things.

These are:

  1. a) Your product.
  2. b) Your marketplace.
  3. c) Your marketing.

You need a unique product that will deliver a reasonable value to your prospect. In order to get paid you need to provide value to the other side. It’s something for something. In order to have interest for your product, you need a marketplace. You need people with a certain problem that are willing to pay to solve it. You need a reasonable amount of them.

It will be easy to find people who want to lose weight but it will be a lot harder to find people interested in buying a book about breathing or some antique form of meditation.

Finally, you need to appeal to this marketplace through your marketing. You need to communicate with them in a concise manner and show them that your solution is what they need to fix their problems. You need to differentiate yourself from everyone else out there and you need to eliminate their skepticism that your solution will not work (which is the status quo, people think by default that what you have doesn’t work and you have to prove them otherwise).

Kind of a different vision over IM compared to the popular gurus out there? Don’t worry about it, you’ll get it and love it when you’ll see how good it works.

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