Sexual Awareness Of The Unplugged ALPHAS

Statistically a 99-1 ratio is a common system behavior in dating niche. In other words only 1% of men achieve outstanding results with the opposite sex while 99% experience mediocrity.

If you have to type on google “how to attract women”, in all likelihood you are still Beta/Omega, you are not satisfied with your dating life and you want to capitilize on GAME  to turn everything around.

This happens mostly because you have swallowed the Blue-Pill of the univeral Beta behavior, provided by your mother who doens’t understand Alphaness.

If you crave to join men who have game. If you really want to be a part of the 1% and become a King in the sexual marketplace you better get unplugged from the conventional matrix and of course read the entire article (hehe).

To begin with let me tell you that women’s sexual communication takes place covertly, instead we men function and communicate on a more direct and overt manner.

That’s why saying to a woman “You are very sexy, I want to bang you” doesn’ t work.

But telling her “Not only you have beautiful eyes, but I am almost sure that you have a great personality as well…imagine how much love you deserve tonight….”  tend to work a lot better.

The first one is rational and pragmatic, the second full of drama…both focus on the same outcome but with a different approach.

This is what most men will never learn.

I admit that the answer to abundant sex and relationship with high quality women is simple, linear and straightforward.

Taking into consideration the social advancement, the solipsistic nature of women and their opportunistic love, he who has the highest SMV (sexual market value) within the tribe, will attract the most desirable woman.

Attraction therefore isn’t a choice based on virtues, it is a series of chemical reactions triggered by ALPHANESS which leads to a rather predictable behavior.

Memorizing lines wont save you anymore, it is not a key factor. The thing that will give you a competitive advantage is social intelligence, behavioral adaptation and a swaggerish aura for the purpose of maximizing the preferable outcome.

Now before you adapt you need a feedback from reality.

You must separate women in three different age segments. Demographics are important.

Women (like men) evolve while they grow and become mature. That means their instinctive sexual preferences change.

Let me explain.

  • Attractiveness (especially facial) is everything for women of age 19-24 while they are at the peak of their SMV due to evident biological appearance of course. (System equilibrium).
  • For middle age women who are starting to gradually lose their SMV, status and money start to compensate for men’s attractiveness. (System reformation/change)
  • For older women who partially or completely lost their SMV, status and money are traits of an utmost importance and compensate completely over looks. (Again system balance)

The key to this revelation is adaptability.

Different things work for different demographics. By applying a Bad-Boy behavior the odds to attract the first segment (age 19-24) are very much in your favor but if you want to attract an older woman you implement a completely different set of behaviors.

For example, older women pay more attention to your covertly behavioral details (e.g leaning forward, watching straight into her eyes, telling her without a trembling voice that you want her bad).

Final notice: If you don’t have an excellent bone structured face, build a great body since you cannot control your facial attractiveness. Change the things that are under your control.

Change to compensate.

Change to increase your Sexual Market Value.

You got it.

Good luck,


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