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Ayn Rand was a brilliant thinker, Atlas Shrugged an addictive masterpiece. It’s a provocative but at the same time an intriguing book. The smart will love it, the foolish will contempt it.

While I was reading her book I was able to dive into this new matrix of high intelligence. It was a state of the new consciousness. By analyzing in depth Francisco d’anconia’s money speech and every speech of this nature was like a heroine that stimulated my brain. I was able to see the world in a different viewpoint, in a way of a rational selfish monopolist who’ve made it to the top with nothing else but competence.

Now without further ado let’s dive into the interesting stuff.

There is nothing more important in life except how well you do your work. The code of competence is the only system of morality that’s on a gold standard. This was a brilliant statement articulated by a character of higher intelligence in Rand’s book.

You become the best, an overachiever, an outlier and the world is simply yours.

It is the passage to reach extraordinary heights as an individual “investor” in a selfish world where solid, materialistic assets are of an utmost importance.

The moment you understand the fact that competence that produces results and achievement is what defines you as a human being, you can instantly snap out of your brainwashed mind and take significant steps towards improving the quality of your life.

Results must be the main objective that will navigate you through life from the day you set free to the day you lay on your deathbed. The only measurement of human value is competence.

Everything you are will be derived from this. It is your PMV (personal market value).

So there is no room for mediocrity since the “marketplace” called life rewards excellence.

Ayn Rand is right when she emphasis that rationality and reasoning, “…why?” and “…for what?” is the fundamental basis of your choices. Objectivism then as a matter of fact becomes the compass, the system and the philosophy based on which you will move your pawns on the board as an individualist in order to climb to the top.

Even though Rand touches the extremes, viewing the world as an absolute concept ruled by cause and effect with only good and bad guys, competent and incompetent people, progress and stagnation…applying her philosophical system will make you a superhero compared to average civilian…a superhero with purpose who aims to reach the Olympus to take a sip of the “Ambrosia”, the Gods nectar.

And I come to my final conclusion that overachievers cannot exist without traits like greed, ambition and competence.

Best of luck,

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